Custom door with integrated package theft protection.

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Doorlivery Installation

Our professionals will install your Doorlivery at your home if you'd like! Installation is quick and easy and only takes around an hour. For a limited amount of time, grab a Doorlivery for 1 cent off (A real steal)! Snag the deal while it lasts!

$300.00 $299.99

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Doorlivery Charger

In case you're feeling rich and want to buy the charger and the hatch installation seperately so that we can make more money, please feel free to! 100% of proceeds go to the Gene Pan Clan Foundation, where 10% of those proceeds go to the James Kung Fu Foundation, and then 1% of those proceeds go to the Xiluo He Yeet foundation, and then 0.1% of those go to homeless shelters in your area.


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Doorlivery Installation 2.0 Like My GPA

They say that a company cannot be good unless it copes through struggles. To help us struggle as a company, please try out our Doorlivery Installation V2. We'll actually PAY YOU to try out our products (just $1, but hey, money is money). Also, this iteration of our product will help out with sales figures (although we might file into bankruptancy, but at least we'll finish strong).


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this project was built with arduino, hours of code, frustration, and a lot of patience

built by james fu, xiluo he, and gene pan (aka the gene pan clan)

main takeaways: don't try to code an app in android studio

if you couldn't already tell, some of the (quality) content on this website was just a joke. If this were to be an actual company, our business strategies would differ greatly (hopefully).